Spent a fun afternoon shooting with my new muse.  It was just a test shoot, but he arrived with a three piece suit!  Love it!  Now to find a cool location in Vancouver for our next session.  Suggestions anyone?


Here are some captures from an impromptu afternoon shoot last month.

Mike and I did some quick natural light photos inside and then braved the chilly weather for a few more outdoors.  In spite of the frosty weather, we got some great shots!


These photos are from a long walk that I took with my camera one night.  I had only a few prime lenses with me and a wobbly little table top tripod meant for a point and shoot, which made getting the camera stable enough for a crisp shot quite tricky.  It was really, really chilly outside, but I wanted to capture an evening in the City of Light!  I love Paris!

One evening on my trip to Paris, I wanted to capture the bustling streets of the Marais in the early evening.  When I looked at the photos later, my favourites were actually the ones with less people because they showed off the street.  Also, since I was shooting without flash, most of the photos with a dense crowd of people just looked like there was a big, dark blob floating down the street.  I like these shots, but I think I actually prefer the iPhone photos I took of the Marais better.  Maybe they just meant more to me because I snapped them at the end of a really fun night on my walk home.

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