I hadn’t brought my camera with me when I walked from my apartment in the Le Marais to visit Sacre Coeur.  When I got there, I discovered it was a prime photo opportunity since it was so darn cold that not another soul dared to climb the winding staircase to be exposed to the blustering wind at the top.  I had the place all to myself and I felt inspired by the somewhat creepy solitude up there.   The thought did cross my mind that if I were to encounter an axe murderer in the narrow stairwell, no one would hear me and come to my rescue….and then I comforted myself with the realization that anyone’s fingers would be too darn frozen to wield an axe, so I was probably safe!  I was only able to take five or ten snaps with my iPhone between breaks to thaw out my fingers and the technology.  If you ever want to grab shots of Sacre Coeur without battling swarms of tourists, I recommend picking the coldest day possible and bundling yourself up!

My month in Paris timed very nicely with Paris Photo, a massive exposition of photography taking place in the Grand Palais and in various galleries around the city.  It was a huge inspiration and I plan to be back there for Paris Photo ’14.  For those of you who missed it, you’re in luck!  There will be another Paris Photo happening in Los Angeles from April 25-27, 2014 at the Paramount Pictures Studios.

The drizzle cleared for one or two days during my month in Paris.   I saw this as an opportunity to take a break from socializing and get out to take some photos.  I spent a few hours at the Eiffel Tower and came home with some scenic cityscapes and some totally random abstract images of the structure and lights.  I also stalked a young couple trying to have a romantic afternoon overlooking Paris.  Apologies to you both for the intrusion and thanks for letting me lurk about while you were enjoying the scenery and each other!


Sometimes I don’t feel like toting my heavy camera bag around and then find myself wanting to capture a moment.  Of course that happened a lot when I spent the month of November in Paris, but the iPhone came in quite handy!  The image quality isn’t great, but I had fun taking the photos.  These are photos of the neighbourhood that I lived in while I was there.  It was such a lively and vibrant area where I had many fun nights out meeting fabulous new people, but I really loved the quiet walks home at the end of evening when I had the streets almost all to myself.



Here are some iPhone snaps I took while in Brugges for the Remembrance Day long weekend.  What a beautiful little city – even in the wind and rain!


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