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Les Gilets Jaunes à Saint Germain

Cet après-midi, les #giletsjaunes ont pris des matériaux de la zone de restauration de #SaintGermaindesPrés pour créerView full post »

Paris in the Snow

A view from my window on February 6, 2018. The snow continued into the night and Paris was beautiful! (I was told itView full post »

Fire at Paris Book Store La Hune

I looked out my window this afternoon to see a large plume of ominous looking smoke billowing up behind the bell towerView full post »

The Seine at Night

These photos are from a long walk that I took with my camera one night.  I had only a few prime lenses with me and aView full post »

Me, My Camera, and the Marais

One evening on my trip to Paris, I wanted to capture the bustling streets of the Marais in the early evening.  When IView full post »

A Cold Windy Day at Sacre Coeur, Paris

I hadn’t brought my camera with me when I walked from my apartment in the Le Marais to visit Sacre Coeur.  When IView full post »

Paris Photo Expo

My month in Paris timed very nicely with Paris Photo, a massive exposition of photography taking place in the GrandView full post »

Beautiful November at the Eiffel Tower

The drizzle cleared for one or two days during my month in Paris.   I saw this as an opportunity to take a break fromView full post »

Paris by iPhone…Le Marais

Sometimes I don’t feel like toting my heavy camera bag around and then find myself wanting to capture a moment.View full post »

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